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Our Team

Girls Rock Michiana is a program of The Music Village, in collaboration with The University of Notre Dame's Gender Studies Program and students in a community-based learning class.  We are grateful for a host of community supporters, including dozens of volunteers, TMV instructors, and professional musicians. If you are interested in supporting Girls Rock Michiana financially, or by volunteering your time, please contact us!  We’d be happy to plug you into an amplified experience serving girls in our community.

Our team of enthusiastic committee members, instructors and volunteers is growing - check back for updates!

Melody Lutz

    Director, Girls Rock Michiana

Josh Aerie

    Executive Director, The Music Village

Mary Celeste Kearney

    Co-founder, GRM
    Image Workshop Instructor
    Associate Professor, Film, Television & Theatre
    University of Notre Dame


Instructors to be announced

From left to right: Isabella Viducich, Anne Jarrett, Audrey Grewe, Jacqueline Marino, Maggie Walsh, Hannah Dunn, and Erin Turley 

Pictured above are students from Mary Kearney's 2018 Gender and Rock Culture class at the University of Notre Dame. As a part of a community-based learning project, they helped raise funds, recruit students, and build promotional material for the first year of 

Girls Rock Michiana.

Julia Steiner of Ratboys performing at a benefit for Girls Rock Michiana.

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